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Scailmont - Biography

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Initially, the glassworks produced utility glass. Between the wars, it began the production of art glass.
In 1924, Henri Heemskerk (1886-1953) is the director of the department of design. He conducts seminars on glass painting and engraving at the Institute of Arts and Crafts. He designs pieces of thick glass, pressed and colored with stylized floral and geometric motifs. Also, silver and gold overlay glass vases. These pieces are made from 1925 and are signed 'Scailmont HH'.
In 1927, Catteau joined Heemskerk to draw models in his style, so, very often, stylized animals like his production of ceramics at Keramis. Catteau and Heemskerk leave Scailmont in 1930.
The company will close in 1972.