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Nicot, Louis - Biography

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Louis-Henri Nicot was born on February 12, 1878 in Rennes and died on 12 July 1944 in Paris, is a French sculptor.

Louis-Henri Nicot was the son of the entrepreneur Amédée Henri Nicot and Blanche Augustine Ardilouze. He was a student at the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-arts de Rennes before becoming a professor at the Ecole des Arts appliqués Olivier de Serres in Paris. He was a gold medalist at the French Artists Salon.

He decorated the courthouse in Reims, run the Memorial of the army of the Rhine in the main cemetery of Mainz.

Among his works are cited: The Girl with Greyhound in Paris in the Luxembourg Gardens, Evangeline (Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes), the Martyrdom of Longfellow Annaïg Mam Goz of Faouët, many Breton ceramics, including The Three Wives, The Leonard and the Calf, The Merchant Chickens, on behalf of the potter Henriot at Quimper, and the Lying Greyhound for André Fau at Boulogne -sur-Seine (Paris). He also sculpted busts of Admiral Guépratte and Charles Le Goffic, and many monuments to soldiers who died for France, working stone of Kersanton.

His Memorial Guémené- Penfao (Loire -Atlantique), with a sober design, represents a local woman , standing , crying a dead soldier lying at his feet. A street bears his name Rennes ( rue Louis -Henri Nicot ) . Several of his works are presented or preserved by Brittany Departmental Museum ( Quimper ) : bronzes ( " Ouessantine adjusting her cap " ) , plaster , ceramics ( modeling for " Brittany between Arthur and Merlin" , terracotta , and several earthenware Quimper) .