Larrieu, Octave - Biography

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Buenos-Aires, 1881 - Maubourguet, 1965

Octave and her daughter Simone Larrieu work together in the ceramic workshop installed by Octave in Maubourget, near Tarbes in the Pyrenees.
After passing through Paris, where he trained as a sculptor at the Ecole des Beaux-arts, Octave Larrieu makes war from which he returns gassed. He decided to settle in Maubourget. In a workshop adjacent to his home, he practices stoneware and earthenware. The painted decorations are designed by Simone.

The Colonial Exhibition 1931 will influence him and he will make powerful sandstone pieces of African inspiration. The exhibition also will inspire his ceramist contemporaries such as René Buthaud, Edouard Cazaux and Mathurin Méheut for a Ruhlmann vase.


In the same time, Octave Larrieu pursues an interesting career as a sculptor and draftsman, illustrated among others by the ceramic sculpture of a monkey reading, caricature of the small marquis of the intelligentsia.