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Brice, Roland - Biography

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Roland BRICE ( 1911-1989 ) is known to have been the ceramist of Fernand Léger but, what is less usual, is to connect the artist with his personal work beyond this major artistic cooperation.

Roland Brice works at first with the Norman master on the study of ceramic bas-reliefs designed for the mural art. During five years, in Biot, these collaboration and complicity around ovens drive to the realization of significant works. His creative contributions and his technical developments answer the will of Léger to color and todrive the proportions of walls. The painter is passionate about this technique which allows him to come out of the frame of the picture and to open the painting to new dimensions. The " polychromatic sculptures " produced by Roland Brice are designed for the public place and realize its ambition of an art for all.

In the death of Léger, Roland Brice reviews his technical knowledge of the ceramic and is going, with a prodigious inventiveness, to develop his own language, leaving a work in charge of sense in the anticipation of the transformations which brew in the Modernity. Mastering the earth and the light as any other one and with a real freedom in the plastic interpretation, Brice is going to drive his efforts, often against the current and throughout his entire life, to see the monumental and wall art invading the big concrete cities of post-war. A crucial stake...