Laguiole France, Hunting Dagger, Unique Piece

We present this magnificent dagger for amateur, whether collector, hunter, or simply esthete. Harmonious, elegant and sensual, this dagger was created by the 2007 and 2011 best cutlery craftsman of France, native of Laguiole, the French capital of quality knife

Its unique double-edged blade made of a diamond-shaped Damascus, resuming the exact shape of the point, is also chiselled along its entire length, making it an exceptional object.
It was made at the forge, with the technique of the Damascus, coming from the East, which dates more than 2000 years. It comes from a selection of high quality steels, hard and flexible

Its handle, featuring an ivory mammoth rocket, offers a touch and a grip in full emotion and gentleness. It is decorated with the cross of the "buronier". In the 12th century, the monks of the Domerie d'Aubrac develop the breeding and the production of cheeses on the plateau. Subsequently, "burons", small stone houses with a roof of lauzes, sheltering the "buronniers" in charge of watching the herds and making the cheese during summer and transhumance, take over and still mark the rugged and wild landscapes of Aubrac. At this time, only small tools, solid, ready for all uses, could be transported. The knife has become this tool, this companion of life, toil, travel, and prayer. It was then that the tradition of the cross appeared, the lonely "buroniers" planted the blade of their knife in the bread and gathered in front of this makeshift oratory

This dagger is presented in its sheath made of leather and shagreen of very high quality

All materials of animal origin comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

11.81 in.Hx2.56 in.Wx0.87 in.D
30 cmHx6.5 cmWx2.2 cmD

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