Jaeger-Lecoultre Swiss Midcentury Table Clock, 1940sAndré DELATTE French Art Deco Amber Butterfly Pendant Chandelier, Late 1920sFrench Art Deco Chineses Cocktail Picks, 1930sFrench Art Deco Crackle Glaze Ceramic Couple of Antelopes by CHARLES LEMANCEAURef 11705 - French Art Deco Crackle Glaze Ceramic Couple of German Shepherds by François LEVALLOIS at Sainte-Radegonde's 1930Vintage French Pair of Double Wall Sconces 1950sFrench Art Deco Clock by Bayard, 1930s bLouis-Joseph Chaffard-Luçon Loys Lucha French Art Deco Enameled Chandelier, 1928-1930French Art Deco Table Lamp by Muller Freres, Ca.1925aFrench Art Deco Table Lamp, Ca. 1925 yy