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French Art Deco Pair of Table Lamps in the taste of SÜE & MARE 1920 - Ref 02705

in the style of SÜE & MARE
France, ca.1920

2 lights for each lamp
Stylized flowers in a basket as pattern
Similar to the André Vera's work who worked with Süe & Mare
Enameled spelter body on a double marble base
4 enameled spelter feet
Original shades in rather good condition
The difference of colors between both lamps are due to the light

Height : 15.7"(40cm), Larger width : 12.2"(31cm)
Some small bites on the bottom edges of the bases and some traces of age (some dots) on a shade (see photos)
These original shades can be used without problem (in our opinion)
The whole is in very good condition. A great condition for its age !
Wired for your country usage (EU, US, ...)