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French Art Deco Glass Bowl its of Andre GROULT, 1910s

French New Style Bowl/Vase
in the style of André Groult or Süe and Mare
France - 1910s

Engraved and enameled crystal

Vertical engraved stripes enameled blue
Important enameled medallion representing a basket of flowers very inspired by the work of Paul Vera and the ensembliers André Groult, and Süe and Mare
An example of this transitional style of the 1910s, named New Style, that breaks with Art Nouveau and announces Art Deco

With : 9.5"(24cm), Depth : 6.3"(16cm), Height: 4.3"(11cm)

The blue vertical traces on the medallion are not. In fact they are the blue stripes on the other side seen by transparency
Condition: Excellent !