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Maison de la Mutualité

Architect : Victor Lesage
24, rue Saint-Victor, Paris, 5e
Date : 1930

Built in 1930 by architect Victor Lesage, next to the church of Saint-Nicola -du- Chardonnet , the Maison de la Mutualité is inaugurated as a theater in 1931 by the President of the Republic Paul Doumer . Its Ar Deco facade, its roof and much of the interior spaces , are subject to a registration under the Historic Monuments since April 19, 2011 . The room originally had 1789 seats , in reference to the French Revolution. The interior staircase leading to the room is in white marble and has " wrought iron elements identical to the Normandie liner." The building now consists of a multipurpose hall of 1732 seats , seating 800 m² and nine rooms from 35 to 130 sqm.

After renovation