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Hôtel Roszé

Architect : Hector Guimard
34, rue Boileau, Paris 16e
Date : 1891

Hôtel Roszé built in 1891 is the first remaining work of architect Hector Guimard. This construction s not still completely characteristic the Art nouveau which we know. 
The facade is elegant but simple, overloaded( with Italian recollections. Meulières stones and turquoise blue bricks play with the polychromy. Guimard even added a bell tower. Tiles add a Southern character. Windows, all of different sizes show his refusal of a classic symmetry. 
Camille Roszé, the owner, was a representative of glove factories of skins and corsets. He trusted the architect and left him the drawing of the garden, the glazings, the hangings and the models of ceramic of the facade. These ones were executed by Emile Muller.